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The story begins with cakes sold outside of Churches in Marseille in April, 2005.
Very favorite for children from the other side of the planet: Vietnam.
After one month of humanitarian mission in Saigon ( surgeries) "Pitchoun Of the World" is born at the edge of Lacydon!

Children were excluded because of the War and his consequences: the dioxin 30 years ago (gifts bombs) ! We were able to help 15.

Then Lebanon school for poor children.
We were able to help 13.

Still the War and this time in Lebanon.
Thousands of kids on the roads looking for shelters.
So we 've collected funds and milk for babies, primary foodstuffs... loaded on the " Boat for Lebanon " on August 11th and arrived on August 24th at Beirut.
Over October and November we sent other parcels (food and medicine). Our last sending is arrived at Beirut on February 2nd, 2007.

We 're also acting in France.
-On January 8th, 2007, we established a support committee in favour of a French little girl held in the USA.
-We 've decided to teach foreign culture to our French kids by writing children's stories :
The first one tells the story of Pitchounette which leaves Marseille to go to Lebanon.
The children are exchanging information on their cultures.

Again the war , this time our actions turn to Iraq.

In May, 2008 we began to realize a cultural and humanitarian exchange with the children of Kerala in India and writes another Comic.

Coming back from a mission in India we've decided to work on a program of children nutrition since November 2008 (60 million starving children , even more than in Africa!!!)

-2011 France, 300 000 children suffering from poverty in "Bouches du Rhône" south of France and 2 million all over the country . (figures reported by UNICEF -end of 2009 report). So we've decided to adapt our policy to the French territory.

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